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♥The Burn Book♥

Recent Entries

8/31/05 07:17 pm - givemecandy - ?

I need a new icon. Anyone know were to get one?

8/16/05 12:04 am - xspill_my_heart

anyone wanna help co-maintain with me?

i'll chose 2 people
♥ hil

8/2/05 06:24 pm - xumakmewanalala - come and see for yourself!

::Another rating community::Collapse )

6/29/05 12:30 pm - toxic_monkeyz - Present for all

here's a lil graphic i made for the community. Enjoy please!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5/31/05 01:17 pm - toxic_monkeyz

Heres some randomness: I finally found the guy of my dreams! yay. Much luv and im out ♥

5/13/05 07:44 pm - toxic_monkeyz

Ummm...So yeah my day today sucked major butt. Here's a gameplay of my day:

*Momo let me borrow her "Fight Club" Dvd (woot-woot)

*I was hypnotized by "The Da Vinci Code", i couldn't stop reading it since i reached school and i finished it in 6th period. yay me. (That's a book, that if u don't really know me u would not expect to see me reading. Maybe you'd expect me reading Elle, Seventeen magazines or something like that.haha.Though yes I do read these, but on a rare basis.)

* Bianca constantly babbled on how 'hopelessly devoted' she is to Brandon. I wouldn't be surprised if he got the police on her because she started stalking him. I mean he literally thinks she's a "....fat ugly bitch!..". She thinks Brandon is her property, ha yeah and Micheal Jackson isn't a child molester.

*Ahjaizza gave me weird, cold glares when I was reading my book, like she was annoyed by it. Especially when a comment of mine about the book started a whole religion convo at my table. oopsie. Bitch, go gain a few 100 pounds then stare at me like i'm a weird mo-fo.(Yes, i'll snap u in half like the toothpick u are but w/e.)

*I saw Ahjaizza and Christian holding hands, enjoying themselves and were a little bit too close while walking to impact. Damn, Jihane just had to knock the book out of my hand so I could see that icky sight. And supposedly he's trying to get rid of her. *scoffs*

*Yes, I dressed out for P.E(miracle) but then i got in trouble by Coach Schmick when I wasn't in my assigned seat and i was talking to one of my buddies. Hehe, she yelled at me, and i just walked really slow and rolled my eyes at her, just to tick her off.

*I kicked a boy really hard in his shin while playing soccer. I guess I had mistaken his shin for the ball. I got pulled out of the game, and well......let's just say that boy wont be kicking any balls for a while.

*Ms.Mays looked at my T-shirt design like I was some crazy terrorist with an atomic bomb in hand. She didnt even approve it or anything, she just walked away in a hurry! What an uber-biotch >_>

*I missed the Renaissance event, because i had lost my card. Oh well, at least I got to see a fight while coming out of class. (was a catfight, white girl vs. puerto rican girl=all i know)

*My class had recieved some airheaded wannabe "b-girls" and hip-hop video hoes for just today. They were sooooo loud in class, picked fights with everyone, scoffed about how pretty they looked, gave sarcastic remarks, and staged their own fake fights with their own friends. It was really.........a disturbing sound and sight.

*I'm home alone, and its dull. Never has it been so quiet in this house, it's a pretty big house so there's like weird sounds everywhere. Eh, nothing a little music can't drown out :3

So there u go. Well i g2g now, i have a date with a tofu burger and a Dr.Pepper! Byez! Much luv my cuppycakes! ^_~

5/12/05 07:46 pm - givemecandy - POSTING

Hey guys. Why arent you guys posting as much? We kinda need to be more active. Anyway, like on Friday I had this huge fit with my best friend beacuse of this fat ass girl in my class. She like started spreading rumors about me and my best friend belived them and all during the day she was ignoring me. so i was like to my other friend, why is she ignoring me. my other friend then went up to my best friend and asked if she was okay and what was wrong and why she was ignoring me until she started getting on her nerves and cursed at her, but i tought the curse was to me cuz my other friend told me the curse was to me. so then i got really mad at my best friend and woudent talk to her to whole day and when it was time to go home i was waiting for my mom and the lunch tables and my best friend was there to and it was really akward cuz we werent talking to each other at all. then when i went home my other friend called my best friend and fixed everything, turns out the curse was to her, not me and when my best friend called me we were cool again. that happened a while ago but atleast im posting. lol. anyway that fat ass lier is in the burn book!

5/8/05 11:10 am - toxic_monkeyz


4/30/05 04:25 pm - toxic_monkeyz - READ ME!

I was really bored a while ago, so I decided "why not visit our Burnbook?" I then noticed that out layout looks kinda plain-jane(No offense, and I hope none taken)

Well I reeeeeeeeeally think that our community should be more prettyful, fashionable, cute, hot, but most of all *Meangirl* potential, which we all now the X_Burnbook_X can be.

Sooooooooooo..................mods are you going to grant me my wish of redecorating our community???? I really think i can make it look 100% totally awesome. So think about my offer for a bit, and when you decide on something comment plz. Well C all of u later, and buh byez! ^_~


4/17/05 08:55 am - givemecandy

sorry i havent written in here for a while. i forgot. but ill try to remember! anyway i comented to all of ur posts. so yea, read them
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